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Cave Reef

  • Current: N/W in the morning, N/E at midday
  • Visibility: J, F, M, A: 25–35 m; M, J, J, A: 30–40 m; S, O, N, D: 40–60 m
  • Temperatures: J, F, M: 24–24°C; A, M, J: 26–28°C; J, A, S: 28-32°C; O, N, D: 28-25°C
  • Depth: 25 m


A maze of caves and channels runs through this north facing reef. It has a coral overgrown inner lagoon and many solitary boulders. A real playground for adults!


With an extension of 400m width and over 1.5km length Cave Reef belongs to the "big boulders" in the north of the St. John's area. It is located about one hour south of Mikauwa/Sirenaka and is a collection of different sized boulders, some of which are connected at the top. This has created a maze of caves and channels at depths of 5 to 12m. They are overgrown with countless yellow fan corals, soft corals and some sponges.
The inner areas are most relaxed to dive with guides - they know the best ways and you can concentrate on the astonishment. Some passages are quite narrow and you should always watch your head and equipment.

The lagoon is bordered in the south by a large mountain coral garden where there are lots of fish species. Among them is one of the most bizarre species of all: the seamoth, a bottom dweller with a rectangular body shape.


  • Seamoth: We can find these funny little guys with their wonderful 'wings' and curious looking bodies in the lagoon of the cave reef.

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The caves

Even before you dive into the caves, you will encounter large Napoleon fish and a very friendly triggerfish in front of one of the many entrances. Stay there for a while and you will find numerous species of slugs. Dive through the caves, but be careful: there is a risk of injury. After a maze of corridors you will reach the southern part of the lagoon with the mountain coral garden. There you will find the seamoth in the sandy bottom. Heading south you will always come to the boat.

The lagoon

From the boat through the channel is the fastest way to enter the lagoon. Dive past the numerous blocks with crabs and watch out for eagle rays between the coral mounds. Head east to the outer blocks and then back to the boat. Batfish are probably waiting underneath, as well as napoleon wrasses and triggerfish.

Night dive

Here the area in front of the passages is ideal - so please do not dive inside. Snails, crabs, shrimps - everything the diver's heart desires is represented here at night.