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Umm Aruk

  • Current: S/W in the morning, N/E at midday, S/E in the afternoon
  • Visibility: J, F, M, A: 30–40 m; M, J, J, A: 25–35 m; S, O, N, D: 50–60 m
  • Temperatures: J, F, M: 24–25°C; A, M, J: 26–28°C; J, A, S: 28-32°C; O, N, D: 28-24°C
  • Depth: 40 m


'The reef with many colourful coral blocks' – that's the translation of Umm Aruk and that pretty much says it all: An incredibly exciting zig-zag race around the corner and around the back awaits us here as well as a colourful underwater world beyond comparison.


Umm Aruk is one of the most interesting diving sites in the area of St. John's with some coral blocks and around two dozen coral towers which divers do not only circle but also countless fish contending for the best spots. The towers measure an impressive six to nine metres in height and have a diameter of two to four metres.

Whoever wants to see bannerfish and millet butterflyfish in large numbers, should definitely dive the north side. Young whitetip reef sharks can often be encountered in the ascending, lagoon-like grooves.

Additional gigantic blocks can be found on the west side. Eagle rays and sand eels live well-protected between them. The current is volatile and can come from all directions, but thanks to the turbulence created between the blocks, we can use it to our advantage.


  • Coral towers: Umm Aruk's underwater world is simply incredible – behind, around and on each of the coral towers, we find an infinite amount of life: from bannerfish and millet butterflyfish to eagle rays and sand eels plus whitetip reef sharks.

map Dive Plans

No blocks for so many ergs

The best time to visit the east of Umm Aruk is late in the morning. You get the most beautiful impression when you turn into the tangle of Ergs after the second block. Dive north, criss-cross through the blocks and you get back to the reef edge. Diving west, along the abrasion edge, you come back to the boat. The crazy thing about this place are the swirling layers of water, which create shimmering water due to different temperatures.

The northwest

The zodiac takes you to the northern lagoon, where the young sharks sleep, and then outside to see the older animals. Continue around the blocks and then west to the sand eels and eagle rays and over the rugged reef wall towards the canal to the Napoleons. Diving out of the three large blocks is a must - the vegetation there is a dream!

Night dive

The night diving at Umm Aruk is gigantic, because you can see everything from hunting scorpion fish to moray eels foraging. You will also find sleeping turtles near the anemones and very beautiful snails on the abrasion edge.