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Dahra Wadi Gimal


This is the largest reef to Wadi Gimal Island. The two form a channel. Spectacular is the huge coral garden. One finds there large groupers, frogfish and sedentary jellyfish and a dark, almost black Spanish dancer.


With a width of 350m and a length of about 3km Dahra Wadi Gimal is an elongated reef, which expires in almost independent reefs in the north for several blocks. It is a good place to stay overnight and is a 5-minute away from Shelaniat. In the south there is a small plateau at a depth between 5 and 14m with several small coral blocks from 1 to 2m height - ideal for a night dive. The plateau has a width of 30m, before it goes through several stages in the channel direction of Wadi Gimal Island. There is one of the largest parrot species, the buffalo head parrot fish.

On the eastern side, bordered by a coral spurs, pinnacles are located from 9 to 12m height and diameters of 2 to 3m. You have at the top of purple soft corals, mixed with hard corals. A perfect area for glass and lionfish, giant sea cucumbers and soles.

On the outside of a very narrow channel runs with a constriction in the middle. Eastwards you come across a huge labyrinth of all types of coral. It has an imposing height of 10-15m and consists of table corals with partly 4m diameter, ship huge mountain corals and salad corals with 2m high leaves. Must see!


map Dive Plans

East outside

The Zodiac takes you to the outside of the reef. You should start in the south of the small canal and dive north, then through a breakthrough to the outer side and zigzag back south over the coral garden.

Southeast side

From the ship you should dive east to the blocks at a depth of 12-14m. Then head west back to the plateau, so you will discover something different around every corner - from rays to sole, from snails to frogfish.

Night dive

The reef wall at a depth of 5 to 8 meters is beautiful. There you have often seen an almost black Spanish dancer who is based there. But there is also the Sargassum frogfish, shrimp, stone fish and the nocturnal coral dragon head. With a size of 4 to 5 cm and a slightly red-white color, it looks very well protected. With a bit of luck you will see squids hunting.