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Hindi Gider


Hindi Gider is halfway between Port Sudan and Sawakin, about 35 nautical miles off the mainland coast. It forms the northwestern boundary of the northern Sawakin group. The sandy island is overgrown with green in the middle.


It can be recognized from afar by its unmanned lighthouse. It consists of a 27 meter high steel structure. Its cone of light is visible up to 10 nautical miles at night. Its beacon is intended to warn ships on their way to and from Port Sudan of the many shoals in this region.
North side
The reef wall falls steeply and in small increments into the deep blue. In 40 meters, a small shelf nestles close to the steep drop. Just a few meters from the reef, the bottom reaches depths of over 90 meters.
The drop-off is beautifully overgrown with stone and soft corals. Huge fan-shaped gorgonians stand in the current to filter plankton out of the water. Small feather stars have looked for a seat on them.
In the shallower area there is an extremely diverse underwater fauna. Shoals of jewel flagfish and butterfly fish are on the wall. In many small columns you can discover cleaning stations with their numerous visitors. Encounters with white tip reef sharks, black tip reef sharks and hammerheads are not uncommon.
The east side
The reef wall is particularly rugged for the first few meters and forms many small caves and crevices. Numerous black spot snappers and various butterfly fish swim between the corals.
A soft coral garden has developed south of the lighthouse. It is unique in its colors and shapes. Different types of spiky coral grow close together and sometimes hang down in bizarre forms of overhangs. Underwater photographers find countless interesting motifs. The entire wall is covered with a magnificent carpet of soft and leather corals.


  • Despite this fascinating diversity, one should not neglect to look into the open water, because there you can discover pelagic schooling fish as well as tuna fish, but also loners such as silver tip sharks along the entire drop-off.