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St. Johns Gota Kebir

  • Flow: morning N / W, noon N / O, in the afternoon S / O
  • Visibility: J, F, M, A 25-35m, M, J, J, A 30m, S, O, N, D 30-50m
  • Temperature: J, F, M 24-25 ° C, A, M, J 26-28 ° C, J, A, S 28-32 ° C, O, N, D 28-24 ° C
  • Difficulty: very demanding in flow
  • Depth: 3m to 100m


This is one of the largest reefs in St John's. Steep walls and a plateau on the south side, two caves and a beautiful coral growth make it more an attractive diving destination. Often you can find here Mantas, grey reef sharks and sometimes even hammerhead or other pelagic sharks.


St. John`s Gota Kebir is 250m long and 120m wide. The north ends in a steep wall that drops partly down to 35m and opens into a small edge, before it plunges further into the depths. The west side coincides with overhangs and deep indentations on 20 to 25m, then a slight incline to the outside and disappears there in depth. In the east, the wall drops from 20 to 30m and then goes into a surplus. The northern part falls directly into the depths. On the way there are huge gorgonian with a diameter of 3 to 4m.
The south side is covered with coral fields. The reef wall there extends vertically downwards on the second plateau at 55m depth. On the plateau you can watch Mantas, Grey Reef sharks and hammerheads passing by. Respectively on the western and eastern sides, behind the plateau at 9m, there are caves. Both are almost identical in an exciting trail with large diameter. However, please pay attention to things that can tumble down through the exhaled air.


  • Mantas, grey reef shark, sometimes even hammerhead or other pelagic sharks.

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The plateau

Starting from the boat is very easy, because the plateau is right below it with its splendor of colors and its fishes. There you will find Napoleons and barracudas, at the cleaning stations and on the edge you will also find gray reef sharks and hammerheads. To dive out, you should look at the anemones and finally the caves. Then it goes back to the ship in the flat

The northeast

With the Zodiac it goes to the northeast and you dive to a depth of 25 to 30m. You will find gorgonians with long-nosed mongoose, the odd moray eel and schools of snappers and barbel. In the blue water you can probably see gray reef sharks and hammerhead sharks and manta rays sometimes pass by here. Depending on the current, you let yourself drift and diving in the upper area with its colorful corals is a real treat!