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Fasma Abu Fendera


The name Fasma means a canal between two reef blocks that can a boat can pass through. Fasma Abu Fendera consists of two large main reefs and many small blocks, which are covered beautifully. The maximum depth is 25 - 30 meters - the shallow, sandy area around 6 - 8 meters.


The boat anchors in the lagoon. One can be brought with the Zodiak through the canal and be dropped close to the ergs (coral heads). With the reef to the right shoulder, it goes towards the canal, where you can find a few meters from the entrance, within 15 - 20 meters depth, a series of madrepore blocks that are beautifully covered with corals.

Also in the mouth and in the canal an extraordinarily beautiful coral region has emerged. The towers are completely covered with soft corals in all colors. Here you should take the time to look for slugs. Time flies here and you don`t know where to look first.

Towards the end of the dive you cross the canal towards the boat and can comfortably end the dive in the shallow area.

Around the ergs are found batfish, boxfish, in the sandy bottom crocodile fish and blue spotted stingray hide away.

Due to the low depth the visibility can be affected sometimes by waves and currents.


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The channel

The boat anchors in the lagoon. You can be brought through the canal with the zodiac and you can be dropped off at the ergs (coral blocks). With the reef to your right shoulder, head towards the canal, where a few meters from the entrance you will find a number of blocks at a depth of 15-20 meters. An extraordinarily beautiful coral landscape has also emerged in the estuary and in the canal. Towards the end of the dive you cross the channel towards the boat.