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Shaab Sharm/Gota Sharm


Gota Sharm is an outer reef north of Wadi Gimal and one of the most beautiful drop off reefs in the Red Sea. It drops over 100m and has two plateaus where you can see reef sharks, with luck also hammerheads and manta rays. But it is best known for its cave-like notches and the cleaning stations for surgeonfish.


Gota Sharm has a length of 250m, a width of 100m and runs in a wedge shape from west to east. There are plateaus at both ends. The rest consists of steep walls that reach more than 100m into the depth. The plateaus are 20m (close to the main reef) to 35m deep (in the outer area). The current usually comes from the northwest in the morning and from the north at noon. Despite this predictability, you should pay attention to it, because it can get very strong and you run the risk of being blown off the plateau.
On the eastern plateau you can find the longnosehawkfish in a gorgonian, lionfish under table corals, barracudas, reef sharks, schooling fish and two cleaning stations: one in the middle of the plateau for young tuna, the other, by a large block on the south side, for surgeonfish.

On the east plateau, the current can cause turbulence that makes diving difficult.

The western plateau is narrower than the eastern one and there is also a cleaning station here. On its northern side the current usually meets Gota Sharm. So a good place for big fish like the hammerhead shark. Pretty much opposite, on the south side, manta rays have been spotted, but it is more likely to encounter reef sharks, mackerels, tuna and barracuda.


  • East Plateau: On the plateau in the east we are greeted by longnose hawkfish, Red Sea lionfish, barracudas, cleaning stations and reef sharks.
  • West plateau: The west plateau fascinates us with different bigger fishes: Reef sharks, tuna, barracuda and mackerel.

map Dive Plans

Cleaning station

The best time to dive the plateau in the east is in the morning or in the mid-morning. Since the boats usually moor at the western end of the plateau, you can drift with the current along the reef edge to the plateau and dive down to the plateau at your leisure. Be aware that the current can change once you reach the middle of the plateau. At the end of the plateau, reef right shoulder, return to the boat.

Drift dive

One has the possibility to go north by Zodiac. Drop should be the northwest corner of the reef. Then descend to about 25 meters and drift along the north side if the current is suitable.

Big fish

The west offers ideal light conditions in the afternoon. Here, too, you should be dropped by Zodiac at the northern end of the plateau. With a light current from the north, you can drift across the plateau at a depth of 25 to 30 meters and then ascend perfectly along the steep wall to the west.