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Shaab - Ras Disha


Ras Disha is located in the south of Hurghada, just before the "Makadi Bay".


The boat is parked in the southern, wind-protected area.
You can either do a drift dive with the zodiac or dive the three ergs in the shallow area from the boat.
For a "drift" you let the zodiac take you to the north and from there you dive with the current along the steep slope. It is always worth taking a look into the blue to keep an eye out for the big predators.
It is quite possible that a reef shark will pass by.
When diving from the boat, one circles the three ergs at a depth of 10 - 12 meters.


  • The northernmost one is especially worth seeing - it has a large cavern with many glassfish and occasional lionfish in it.
  • Around the ergs you can find the usual hunters of glassfish - mackerel, lionfish, and redmouth grouper. In the sandy bottom you can find the well camouflaged bottom dwellers - crocodile fish, sole, stone fish and blue spotted rays.