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Farcha/Habili Abu Fendera


Farcha is a horseshoe-shaped, large plateau, which is occupied by groups of smaller coral blocks.


At the edge of the plateau there is a drop off, which drops to about 50 meters. The more interesting part is, however, on the plateau in about 25 - 30 meter depth. One encounters there numerous different sized coral blocks (ergs).

At each end of the "horseshoe" there are 2 triples habilis - so the ergs are called, which are below the water surface. Since the two groups apart quite far, you should plan 2 dives here.

The zodiak will drop you above the ergs and you make a round between the beautiful overgrown blocks.


  • Here it is worthwhile to look after the smaller reef fish - various types of slugs are here at home. In addition, there are moray eels, blue spotted stingray, crocodile fish, etc. - just the usual Red Sea residents.

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The coral blocks

You can drop yourself off with the zodiac over the Ergs and walk around the blocks that are beautifully overgrown.<br/>It is also worth keeping an eye out for the smaller reef inhabitants here - various types of nudibranchs are at home here. There are also moraines, blue spotted rays, crocodile fish, etc. - the usual Red Sea inhabitants. At the end of the dive, the zodiac brings you back to the boat that is parked in the lagoon.