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Dahrat Abida


At the southern end of the South Suakin Group lies this elongated island. The mainland coast is about 20 nautical miles away


Even from a greater distance, Dahrat Abida can be recognized by the three wrecks lying on the northwest side. The one to the south is a former sailing boat. In the middle lies an unknown motor ship and to the north of it a rescue boat.
Southwest plateau
The dive is usually started at the southeast end of the island and continued to the west. The craggy reef wall drops steeply and forms small overhangs. F Pairs of masked butterflyfish also reside there. The entire wall is overgrown with various corals. To the west is an extremely colorful and species-rich plateau. It is completely covered with coral heads. Underwater photographers will find numerous interestin motives. At some distance from the wall, which is overgrown with soft corals, shoals of spiny mackerels or single barracudas move along the reef. From the outer edge of the narrow plateau, patrolling gray reef sharks or schools of tuna can be spotted.
Northeast plateau
At the northeast end of Dahrat Abida a plateau extends into the open water. Its approach starts in 4 meters and continuously descends to 14 meters. It is covered with colorful vegetation. Whip corals rise from the bottom next to stony corals and stretch towards the light. Throughout the area, the diver can observe numerous reef dwellers: blue and yellow wrasse and groups of blue-striped snappers swim above guardian gobies peering out of their burrows. Above them, individual napoleons and large groups of barracudas swim around. The outer wall of the plateau forms a drop-off along which whitetip reef sharks and gray reef sharks move. If the view is directed into the open water, a school of scalloped hammerhead sharks can be spotted with a bit of luck. Sometimes more than one hundred animals. Other pelagic inhabitants, such as silvertip sharks, schools of spiny mackerels or tuna, also enhance the dive. Not infrequently, sea turtles pay a visit to the island.


  • Hammerhead sharks