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Shaabruhr Umm Gamar


Whoever wants to see grey reef sharks in Hurghada should strike out to Shaabruhr Umm Gamar, especially in the afternoon. A great reef but rather challenging dive, due to the strong current on the east side. Shaabruhr Umm Gamar is the summit of an underwater mountain and, as is not hard to guess, it is located not far away from Umm Gamar, only one kilometre south.


Those of us who know a little Arabic know that Shaabruhr basically means 'narrow reef'. The narrow reef of Umm Gamar certainly has a lot to offer: many caves, overhangs and a sandy plateau at approx. 15 to 30 metres. There's even the remains of an ancient Egyptian patrol boat at the southernmost point.
Two other ships have also met their surmise here, a safari boat and the Colona IV – one of the first diving charter boats from Hurghada – which ran aground here at the end of April 1995 due to bad weather and which now rests at a depth of 66 metres.

The reef's sandy plateau is much wider on the west side as it is on the east side and the current in the east is also much stronger – that's why we're spot on here when it comes to drift diving and seeing large fish.

On the west plateau, we come into contact with moray eels, Napoleon wrasse, large groupers and bluespotted rays. The east is the right place for fans of whitetip reef sharks, mackerel and large tuna – and maybe even for grey reef sharks in the afternoon during snack time.


  • Patrol boat: Shipwrecks are always a highlight, although only half of the ancient boat, which the Egyptian army used to cross over to Shadwan Island, remains.

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Drift diving

"Shaabruhr Umm Gamar" literally cries out to explore it in a drift dive. We start at the boat and briefly look past the shipwreck of the ancient Egyptian patrol boat, and then continue diving eastwards with the reef on our left shoulder. With the current we then continue north, knowing that the "Colona IV" is deep below us. If we have seen enough whitetip reef sharks, mackerel and tuna, we have to put the buoy and have it picked up - and maybe a gray reef shark will dare to come near us.

From the boat to the erg

We start at the boat and first of all explore the patrol boat that served the Egyptian army many years ago. We make sure that we don't dive too far north, otherwise the current will have us. Have we explored the wreck and tricked the current , we work our way over the sandy plateau with the reef on our right shoulder towards the northwest, passing many beautifully overgrown and inhabited overhangs and caves.